" Adriaan Severins







/ Lille, Belgium







? Adriaan combines movement and sound. He commenced his search in sound design, physical theatre and philosophy. After a period of working in Belgian television and film production, Adriaan developed his own narrative on and off stage as an actor, producer, dj and theatre coach. Independent, but with great attention for setting and connection. The collective creation and influence by every specific environment became a central part of his work. In pursuit of a way to make every performance communicate with its surroundings, Adriaan creates orignal, flowing experiences that invite the audience to connect with the present.







= To merge movement and sound into singular performances.

To start from what's already there.

To make people dance without a 4/4 beat.

To make people dance with a pounding classic straight up 808 4/4 beat.

To find essential universal elements.







! Analog, clowns & water