"   Adriaan Severins

 Lille, Belgium

 Adriaan Severins (°1990) works as a sound artist, performer and coach. In his continuous motion between artistic fields, he starts with tuning in and interacting with the existing context. It is a thread of his work to search for a moment of collective creation, a shared energy between the performer and the audience. Be it in one of his many sleeping concerts, the coaching of young theatre students, an individual live set or his podcast series about the various lives lived in a psychiatric hospital. In pursuit of a way to make every performance communicate with its surroundings, Adriaan creates orignal, flowing experiences that invite the audience to connect with the present.

=   To merge movement and sound into singular performances.

To start from what's already there.

To make people dance without a 4/4 beat.

To make people dance with a pounding classic straight up 808 4/4 beat.

To find essential universal elements.

!   Analog, clowns & water